Lavender Essential Oil - Seafoam Lavender

Lavender Essential Oil

2 reviews
$12.00 CAD
Original lavender bath bombGroup of lavender bath bombs

Lavender Bath Bombs

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$7.00 CAD
Lavender Bubble Bath - Seafoam Lavender

Lavender Bubble Bath

2 reviews
From $5.00 CAD
Body Oil - Seafoam LavenderBody Oil - Seafoam Lavender

Body Oil

1 review
$12.00 CAD
Aromatherapy Necklace - Seafoam LavenderAromatherapy Necklace - Seafoam Lavender

Aromatherapy Necklace

No reviews
$65.00 CAD
Aromatherapy Bracelet - Seafoam LavenderAromatherapy Bracelet - Seafoam Lavender

Aromatherapy Bracelet

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$15.00 CAD
Lavender Essential Oil Tealight Candle - Seafoam LavenderLavender Essential Oil Tealight Candle - Seafoam Lavender
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Cedar & Fir Beard Oil - Seafoam Lavender

Cedar & Fir Beard Oil

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$12.00 CAD
Argan & Lavender Massage Oil - Seafoam Lavender

Argan & Lavender Massage Oil

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$16.00 CAD
Jewelry by Arcane Angel - Seafoam LavenderJewelry by Arcane Angel - Seafoam Lavender
On sale

Jewelry by Arcane Angel

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$30.00 CAD $45.00 CAD

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About Seafoam Lavender

Located on the pastoral shores of Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Strait lie the beautiful rows of lavender at Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens.

Our commitment to you is making natural products that improve your everyday life.