Bud Bouquets


When are fresh and dried lavender available?  Lavender is available as a U-pick option (only) from our production field in Seafoam, Nova Scotia, usually from late June through mid-July.  That is an approximate window, as a number of factors (especially spring weather conditions…precipitation, sunshine, temperature, etc.) affect availability and timelines.  Please go to our Facebook page for the latest information about U-Pick operations: https://www.facebook.com/seafoamlavender/

Can I purchase fresh lavender bouquets?  Fresh lavender bouquets are available for harvesting by the public during the U-pick season, however due to the highly-perishable nature of lavender (it lasts for only one or two days after it’s been picked), we strongly encourage harvesting lavender BUD bouquets, instead.  Nonetheless, if you have your heart set on fresh lavender, you most certainly can come to the farm and pick your own.  Keep in mind that lavender blooms reliably only once – for about two weeks in mid-July, so that narrow window is the only time we consistently have fresh lavender blossoms available.  Lavender frequently buds and blooms a second time in September, so please contact us if you are interested in a U-pick after the normal June-July budding/blooming season.

How much do U-Pick bouquets cost?  The charge for lavender U-Pick is quite reasonable -- just $5.00 + tax for every one inch diameter, as measured at the end of the stems.  Please check in at the cashier's counter inside the Visitors' Centre.  We provide everything you need:  scissors, a measuring tool, instructions on where/how to harvest and dry the lavender stems, and rubber bands to tie the stalks together.