Balm Squad - Seafoam Lavender

Balm Squad

From $7.00 CAD
A taupe-coloured bar of soap in a bright purple box with white line drawings of lavender sprigs and flowers. Text reads Artisanal Lavender Soap (Classic Lavender)Eight bar soaps in colourful boxes stacked up together

Bar Soap

$8.00 CAD
Original lavender bath bombGroup of lavender bath bombs

Bath Bomb

$7.00 CAD
Body Balm - Seafoam LavenderBody Balm - Seafoam Lavender

Body Balm

From $7.00 CAD
Body Oil - Seafoam LavenderBody Oil - Seafoam Lavender

Body Oil

$12.00 CAD
Bookmarks - Seafoam LavenderBookmarks - Seafoam Lavender


$6.00 CAD
Lavender Bubble Bath - Seafoam Lavender

Bubble Bath

From $5.00 CAD
Lavender & Citronella Spray

Citronella Spray

From $9.00 CAD
Clay Mask - Seafoam Lavender

Clay Mask

From $5.00 CAD

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About Seafoam Lavender

Located on the pastoral shores of Nova Scotia’s Northumberland Strait lie the beautiful rows of lavender at Seafoam Lavender Company & Gardens.

Our commitment to you is making natural products that improve your everyday life.