Our lavender field and gardens are open to the public seasonally. During your visit, you are welcome to walk through our lavender field, view our butterfly and vegetable gardens, have a picnic, and visit our shop. We have a public washroom available. Please click here for our current opening hours and directions.

Want a sneak preview of what there is to see here at Seafoam Lavender? Scroll to the bottom of this page!

Before you visit, here are some things you should know:

1 - IMPORTANT: Due to insurance and Health Department restrictions, we do not permit dogs in the gardens and other public areas of our farm. This includes the main parking lot. For those traveling with pets, please proceed to one of our shady parking spots near the exit. For the safety of your pet, someone must remain with your animal at all times. There is a nearby side road that is excellent for walking your animal, and we can provide fresh water upon request. 

Please note: If you have a service animal, they are not considered pets and are welcome. Please have appropriate vest and provincial registration card visible, if possible, to avoid any confusion. Our staff are available to assist you if you have questions. 

2 - Lavender is a plant that is highly attractive to pollinator insects such as bees and wasps. We also have honeybee hives on the property at certain times of the year. If you have a severe allergy (e.g. anaphylaxis) to bee stings, please consider this before your visit and bring any medications you may require in the event of a sting. Fortunately, bee stings are rare events, but they are still a possibility.

3 - Accessibility: We are a working farm, and there is uneven ground and a mild slope to our lavender field. The distance to our field from the parking lot is approximately 200 metres. We have a flat gravel parking lot, and a paved path coming off of the gravel parking lot to our accessible washroom. If you have any questions or other accessibility concerns, please contact us.

4 - Please DO bring:

    • comfortable footwear for walking in grass and on gravel
    • insect repellant spray
    • sunscreen and sun protective clothing
    • your own drinks and food
    • your phone for photography - we'd love to be tagged on social media to see your amazing photos!

5 - Face masks are optional, although we recommend them when in indoor spaces or when physical distancing is not possible. We recommend physical distancing inside the store, as well as voluntarily remaining outside and waiting if the store becomes crowded.

6 - Visitors are not permitted to pick any flowers or vegetables except during our Lavender U-Pick season. The Lavender U-Pick is typically in the month of July, but is highly weather-dependent. Please subscribe to our email newsletter or follow us on social media to learn the dates of our next Lavender U-Pick season.

For a sneak preview of what you may see when you visit us, check out our virtual garden tours: