Lavender Clay Mask


Mix this fine, powder-like clay with warm water or — better yet, with Lavender Spray — and then evenly spread the clay mixture on all areas of the face. As the lavender clay mixture dries, it draws toxins out of the pores in your skin.  When you feel a slight “tightening” of the skin, wash off the clay mask with water. We recommend then using our Lavender Facial Cleanser to remove residual surface impurities and restore moisture.

The clay mask is a fine powder, so please use caution as you open the jar so-as not to spill any.  Put a small amount (roughly a teaspoon) in the palm of your hand, then add drops of water and blend into a thin paste (about the consistency of pancake batter). Spread this thin paste all over your face (being careful not to get it into your eyes).  As the water evaporates from the paste, it creates a vacuum which pulls the toxins from your skin pores.  Soon (after about five minutes), you will feel your skin tighten, at which time you can wash off the clay mask and your skin will feel smooth, clean, and refreshed.


Ingredients: Kaolin; French red, Australian green and beige clays; camellia sinensis (green tea); lavendula angustifolia (lavender buds & oil); citrus sinensis dulcis (orange peel); and cucumis sativus (cucumber peel) extract.

NOTE: Contains a dry powder -- open carefully to avoid spillage. Slowly add drops of water to approximately one teaspoon of powder and mix into a thin paste. Spread this paste on your face. When the paste has dried, wash it off. Your skin will feel clean and refreshed. 

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