A Very Lavender Valentine's Day

When planning a romantic day for your special someone, there are so many ways that lavender can help set the mood! Lavender has a romantic aesthetic, scent, and flavour, without smelling like a typical perfume. Here are our top six ideas for using lavender to help set the mood on this special day!

  1. Decoration

Dried lavender sprigs make a wonderful bouquet in their own right, or can be added to a bouquet of fresh flowers. Alternatively, sprinkle some lavender buds as a delightful way to dress up your romantic spot!

  1. Season your Valentine’s dinner with herbes de Provence

Herbes de Provence lend a rich flavour to any roasted or grilled dish, such as roast new potatoes or steak. Indulge your palate and go a little bit fancy this year!

  1. Lavender drinks

Whether alcoholic or not, many beverage recipes that call for a simple syrup can be made with our lavender simple syrup. Sour flavours like lemon and lime go particularly well with the sweet floral note of lavender!

  1. Lavender sweets

Nothing says, ‘Be mine, Valentine,’ like sweets!  Our lavender sugar can be used to make almost any patisserie, your favourite cookies, or chocolates.

  1. Aromatherapy

Cultivating atmosphere can level up your Valentine’s Day from a regular date night to something truly magical. Lavender sprays and essential oils can help the ambience become sweet and relaxing!

  1. Lavender gifts

Last but not least, top off your Valentine’s Day with the gift of artisanal lavender skin care.  Our staff recommendations for gifts that say, ‘I love you,’ are our luxurious bath bombs, hand and body lotion, and lavender lip balm.

No matter how you choose to spend your Valentine’s Day, make it personal.  Lavender is a versatile flower, herb, and fragrance, and we hope it helps you to show your sweetheart how much you care!

Photo credit: unsplash-logo rock earth

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