Seasonal Lavender Plant Care: Autumn & Winter

This time of year, many folks ask us, "What do I do with my lavender plants before the winter?"

The great news (for those in cold climates) is: absolutely nothing!

Lavender plants undergo a natural dormancy period every winter. The leaves on your lavender plants will change from their deep, summertime green to a silvery, sage green. Your plants are not dead, merely resting. 

In cold climates, we advise not pruning nor covering your plants in the wintertime. You can certainly deadhead them (simply trim the flower stalks off - no cutting into the branches) and pile some leaves around the base for a little bit of extra warmth. But that's about it. Let them collect a blanket of snow and rest for the winter.

As long as your lavender plants are a cold-hardy variety (most types of English Lavender (L. angustifolia) and some types of lavandins (L. x intermedia)), they will begin growing new green leaves in the springtime. For more details about what to expect in the spring, check out our blog post on springtime lavender care.

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