Transplanting Lavender

Did you know that mature lavender plants are very easy to move to a new location? In spring and early summer, lavender are very tolerant of being transplanted! The key is to protect the roots as much as possible, and we will show you our method. 

Why transplant? For most any reason, really. The most common reasons we move plants on our farm are:

  • plant wrong size for current location
  • plant spacing needs to be corrected
  • developing a new garden plot

The equipment required is a sturdy pitchfork, a shovel, and some water for the plant.

  1. Using the pitchfork, pierce the soil at a 45 degree angle downward and inward underneath the crown of the plant. Use firm but gentle pressure. You may need to wiggle the pitchfork a bit to navigate around the tangle of roots.
  2. After your pitchfork is as far in as possible, slowly lean the handle of the pitchfork down toward the ground. This will elevate the root ball out of the ground.

  3. Gently tease the roots completely out of the earth.
  4. This is a great opportunity to disentangle any stubborn weeds!
  5. Dig a hole in the plant's new location. The size needed to accommodate the root ball is usually the same depth as the height of the lavender crown.
  6. Fill the hole generously with water and allow to soak in before you place your lavender plant in its new home! Make sure to place soil around the plant very gently. It should be packed enough that the plant remains upright, but no tighter than that. Lavender roots enjoy loose soil.
  7. Water once per week for about a month, if the weather is dry. If there is regular rain - no need to water!

Remember to get your lavender plants moved before they form any buds, so the plant does not become stressed. Never move lavender plants in the autumn (in northern climates), as they will not have enough time for roots to establish before winter.

We hope this helps you arrange your lavender garden to perfection!


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